About Airmatic Inc

Headquar523266_395682380461534_1567536865_ntered in Malvern, PA, Airmatic Inc. serves the industrial, utility, construction, federal, and commercial sectors, providing machinery and equipment for a variety of operations. In business since 1944, Airmatic Inc. offers its products through three distinct business units and strives to help clients cut costs, increase productivity, and maintain a healthy work environment.
Serving firms responsible for the safe and efficient storage, transport, and processing of powder and bulk solid materials, the Airmatic Materials Management Group offers such products as automatic lubrication systems, flow aid devices, and dust containment systems. The group’s numerous products and systems allow clients to effectively manage a variety of materials, including chemicals, metals, grains, and cement.

Airmatic Inc.’s Tool Group supplies a wide range of products and accessories for clients in maintenance departments, manufacturing plants, and fabrication shops. Its’ offerings encompass electrical products, janitorial supplies, power tools, hand tools, and a number of other instruments.

Additionally, Airmatic Inc. facilitates the installation and repair of components that are integral to powder and bulk solid processing via its Service Group. Working with clients throughout New England and the Middle Atlantic region, the Airmatic Service Group provides contracting services in such areas as bin cleaning and belt conveyor monitoring.

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