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AIRMATIC INC is a distributor of industrial products and systems that focuses on making it easy for companies to manage their production and maintenance operations. In business for over 70 years, AIRMATIC offers conveyor belt components, hopper monitoring equipment, bin cleaning and dust removal equipment, construction tools, and more. It provides everything from power tools to safety solutions to keep your plant, shop or construction site operation efficient and safe.

Power tools come in a range of types, sizes, and specializations. The difference between power tools and hand tools is that hand tools, such as pliars, are powered by hands-on, manual manpower, whereas power tools are powered from compressed air, electricity, hydraulics or a battery.

Power tools serve a number of purposes and functions. Rebar connecting tools are used in the concrete industry and provide a huge improvement over the traditional tying wire by hand. It acts like a nailgun to drive plastic Klips on rebar joints. Drills use an internal motor to turn a bit and can be used to drill holes or shapes in a surface. There are stationary and handheld versions. Nailguns are handheld tools that make nailing two items together much faster than using a traditional hammer.

Sanders are another common power tool that smooth one surface by moving a rough textured paper over it, which is preferable to manually using a piece of sandpaper to do the job. Sanders are useful to even-out a surface that must be bonded to another object or painted.