Powder & Bulk Solids Show is almost here!

Where will you be May 3rd-5th? Hopefully, at the Donald E Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL, where AIRMATIC will be exhibiting the WORKMASTER line of hopper car gate openers, railcar vibrators, and connectors at the 2016 Powder & Bulk Solids Show!

You can find us in Booth 2829 where we’ll have several models of WORKMASTER products on display. We hope to see you there!

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How Do Belt Conveyors Work?

AIRMATIC INC is a product distributor that makes it easy for companies to manage their production and maintenance operation and get quick repairs. Serving the industrial community since 1944, AIRMATIC offers belt conveyor components, bin monitoring equipment, silo cleaning and dust collections equipment, power and construction tools, and more. It provides everything from hand tools to construction equipment to conveyor belt repair. One service the company offers is working on belt conveyors to maximize their efficiency.

Belt conveyors are a system that utilizes a textured belt on rolling components to send items from one place to another. They are run by a motor or drive, and supported by rotating idlers – as the idlers turn, the belt turns as well, moving the conveyed material with a smooth rolling motion.

The belt should be tight enough against the idlers to keep it in place without hindering the forward motion. Belt tension can be manually adjusted by the user at any time and generally does not need professional maintenance; however, the belt may rip or there may be an issue with one of the drives or other components, which would require the kind of outside expertise that AIRMATIC provides.

A fine-tuned belt conveyor with properly fitted and functioning components should run smoothly, generate little noise and cause minimal dust with no jumping or hitching. Belt conveyors can be slow, narrow and short or very long, very wide and very fast such as the ones used in production lines.

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Hate climbing bins in the summer heat?

Now that summer is on its way, it’s time to think about reliable level measurement. Nobody wants to climb bins in the sweltering heat and BINMASTER has the solution!


The BINMASTER RL has dust-penetrating, non-contact technology for accurate level measurement in real time. It works in powders, pellets, granules and solid materials (including low dielectric materials.) With the BINMASTER RL, data is viewable for all bins from a PC or a 4-20 analog output to control system or display module, and it can be combined with other models of 3D scanners as well. The sensor is self-cleaning, requires minimal maintenance, and is economical to buy and easy to use.

To learn more about the RL, give us a call at 800-332-9770, or send us an email at You can also view the product brochure below. We look forward to hearing from you!

BINMASTER 3D Level Scanner Brochure


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AIRMATIC Introduces MARTIN® Pin Latch Belt Cleaner

AIRMATIC is excited to introduce the new Pin Latch Belt Cleaner manufactured by its Core Product Supplier, MARTIN ENGINEERING!

MARTIN®’s new Pin Latch Secondary Belt Cleaner is a tungsten carbide-tipped Secondary Cleaner that slides in and out for service without requiring any tools. The design features a square, tabbed mainframe with segmented blades connected by a simple pin mechanism, allowing easy access and quick blade replacement by semi-skilled personnel.

Picture of new pin latch belt cleaner

Currently available in India and South Africa, the new pin latch design provides adjustable tension for varying conditions, such as belt speed, material being conveyed and belt cleaner position relative to the head pulley. It will handle belt speeds up to 1,000 feet per minute (5.1 meters per second), and the versatile unit accommodates belt rollback. The carbide tip is acid- and abrasion-resistant, and the assembly is well-suited for use on belts with mechanical splices, smoothly adapting to and riding over the splices without damaging the splice, belt or blade.

“The maintenance-friendly design of the new Martin® Pin Latch Cleaner is engineered for a wide range of global applications,” commented Martin Engineering South Africa Sales Manager Pieter Opperman. “It can drastically reduce downtime for service or replacement, since no alignment or setting of the blade is required. Inventory is reduced to a one-part blade and buffer, without bolts, nuts or other fasteners,” he observed. Opperman said that blade replacement can be performed with a greatly reduced risk of errors, and the narrow blades conform readily to conveyor belt profiles. “The quick replacement of this design means shorter shutdowns and reduced maintenance time,” he continued. “That translates to more productive and profitable operations, with personnel able to concentrate more on core activities.”

The MARTIN Pin Latch Cleaner delivers excellent cleaning performance with quicker blade recovery, and provides the versatility to adjust blade performance to match a wide range of application characteristics. It is considered a preferred upgrade for Martin® SQC2 and SC16 Secondary Cleaners.

“Matching the blade performance to the unique conditions of a specific application is a key to maximizing efficiency,” Opperman added. “And servicing these units simply requires sliding the pin out and removing the old blades by hand. New blades are slipped onto the mainframe, and the pin is re-inserted through the new blades. That’s all there is to it.”

To learn more about this exciting new product, give us a call at 800.332.9770 or send us an email at! You can also download the Product Release below. We look forward to hearing from you!

MARTIN Pin Latch Belt Cleaner Product Release