Airmatic Inc.

Need Repairs? Call AIRMATIC!

Do you have tools or machinery in need of repair? AIRMATIC’s Service Group modifies, repairs, and rebuilds portable, stationary, and truck-mounted power tools, construction/outdoor equipment, and small engines at our shop in Malvern, PA.


Our service shop is a modern, well-equipped facility with automatic, labor-saving cleaning and finishing equipment, pressure cleaners, sophisticated test instruments, gauges and inspection devices, specially designed repair station fixtures, and paint systems. We’re also an authorized service and warranty repair center for over 70 of the world’s leading power tool, small engine, and construction/outdoor equipment manufacturers. Our mechanics are factory-trained and certified in the repair of pneumatic, electric, cordless, hydraulic, powder-actuated, manually-operated, propane- and gasoline-powered tools and equipment.

Give us a call at 800.332.9770 or send us an email at and let us help you repair, modify, or rebuild your tools today!