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Need Help Achieving Your Resolutions?

Have you set personal or professional goals to achieve this year but worry you won’t be able to? Well, that’s a legitimate concern, as research shows that only 812 percent of people actually achieve the goals they set for themselves on January 1st!

Don’t fret, though, here are some tips to keep you going strong, courtesy of George Ambler:

  1. Set clear and specific goals. Rather than saying you want to “lose weight,” say “I want to lose 15 pounds in 12 months.” When your goals are spelled-out for you, they are easier to achieve!
  2. Set challenging goals. If your goal is too easy, you may lose interest and not complete it at all. Make sure your goal is challenging enough that you’ll have to really apply yourself, yet attainable!
  3. Build rational and emotional commitment. If you really want to achieve your goal, you have to believe that it is important and that the outcome matters. Ask yourself why you want to achieve your goal. Is it really important to you? If not, try something that is.
  4. Schedule regular reviews to stay on track. Monitoring your progress is key to achieving your goals. For instance, waiting until December before stepping on the scale is a surefire way to miss your goal. Instead, track your progress throughout the year so that you can adjust your goal if necessary and get the results you want!
  5. Manage task complexity by chunking. Breaking down your resolution into smaller, manageable tasks can help you stay on schedule. This can be done by creating a plan, which will help you from becoming overwhelmed. Is your goal starting a garden? Figure out your time-table: when to till the soil, when to plant the seeds, how frequently weeding will have to be done. Having a plan that includes many small tasks instead of one large one is a great way to see results!

That’s it! Five easy steps that can help you stick to – and achieve! – your resolution this year!

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