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Merry Christmas from AIRMATIC!

Here at AIRMATIC, we’re gearing up for a great holiday weekend! Our Associates will enjoy a pre-Christmas lunch together on Wednesday, and then we’ll all head home to be with our families and loved ones, where we’ll gorge ourselves on cookies and eggnog before falling asleep in front of the tree at 2 pm, wrapping paper remnants still stuck to our icing-glazed fingers. (Oh, does that only happen to me?)

Until then, take a look at what we’ve been working on!

All Associates were challenged to improve their typing skills by 150-200% (based on their starting speed) with the promise of a cash prize for those who met their goal. Some of us fell short, but two Associates rose above and are now typing wizards! Congratulations to Kelly and Jessica! Next time around, we hope more Associates follow in your footsteps!

We’re also getting ready to send out a KODI KLIP postcard mailing, so keep your eye on your inbox or mailbox! If you’re not on our mailing list and want to be, give us a call at 800.332.9770 or send us an email at!

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Don’t Fall Behind on Production!


Are you struggling with flow obstructions? Our SILO SOLUTIONS Tool Kit can help you get material flowing! Whether the flow obstruction is caused by materials that cling, arch, bridge, or tunnel in silo, bin, and hopper applications, AIRMATIC’s Silo Cleaning Services can enhance material flow with our SILO SOLUTIONS Tool Kit – an arsenal of clean-out technologies!

We’ve got MARTIN® Bin Whips, Acoustic Cleaners, Bin Drills, Chunkbuster Cartridge Tools and more! Give us a call at 800.332.9770 or send us an email at!