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Product Feature: Torque-Master™ Holdbacks

When you want to prevent material from moving backwards on an inclined belt conveyor, the Torque-Master™ holdback is what you need! STEPHENS-ADAMSON has improved the Torque-Master™ holdback over earlier models, making this a must-have for all bucket elevator and inclined belt conveyors.

Oct 15 Holdback

Designed with practicality in mind, this product is less susceptible to contamination and wear, and can be rebuilt in the field. An effective lubrication system allows the Torque-Master™ holdback to require minimum maintenance. Also, this model makes use of a better grade steel in the housings of larger models, and features detachable torque arm and dual seal arrangement. By using fabricated forgings, instead of casings, deliveries are quicker, too!

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Torque-Master™ Holdback