Company News

KODI KLIP Postcards Are On Their Way!

AIRMATIC wants to spread the word far and wide: KODI KLIP products are revolutionary! We sent out over 3,000 of these postcards to let our Customers know how KODI KLIP can change their business!

KODI KLIP Rebar Corrosion Postcard_FINALKODI KLIP Rebar Corrosion Postcard_BACK_FINALKODI KLIP®’s innovation lies in its non-corrosive polycarbonate Klips that capture rebar at all four corners of the cross-section, eliminating worker cuts, abrasions and lost time injury. Additionally, these Klips prevent racking and swaying when lifting and moving rebar mats into place, and produce faster, safer and more consistent connections.

Didn’t get a postcard? Give us a call at 800.332.9770 or send an email to! to talk to a Customer Service Rep about the best product for you!

Employee News

AIRMATIC Welcomes New Marketing Team Members!

AIRMATIC is pleased to announce two new additions to the AI Marketing Team!

Natalie joined us as a Marketing Coordinator and has experience in Sales and Customer Service as well as Graphic Design. Fun facts about Natalie: she’s a trained vocalist, a former actress, and a published illustrator!


Our other new Team member is Jenna, who has been hired as an Administrative Assistant. Jenna is currently attending Penn State and previously worked as an Office Manager at a small Sales/Marketing firm. In her spare time, she loves spending time in Ocean City, NJ!


Welcome, Natalie and Jenna; we’re glad to make you part of our Team!