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Manufacturers Agents National Association Member Benefits

A distributor of Centurion, BinMaster, and DeWalt products, Airmatic Inc. serves the needs of government agencies, industrial markets, and utility enterprises. To enhance business operations for the benefit of customers, Airmatic Inc. maintains memberships with trade associations, including the Manufacturers Agents National Association.

The Manufacturers Agents National Association (MANA) provides education and professional guidance to its members. The following are other benefits of membership.

1. MANA members have access to business and legal telephone counseling. Business counseling is available year-round for free, while each member has the opportunity to receive a 30-minute counseling session with an attorney annually.

2. Members receive a monthly subscription to Agency Sales Magazine, which offers advice on effectively working with professional manufacturers’ agents and establishing a high level of professionalism.

3. Members can attend educational webinars, teleforums, and seminars led by industry experts. Prerecorded webinars and teleforums allow members to learn at their own leisure at no charge. Manufacturers’ seminars involve a day and a half of education in recruitment, employee motivation, marketing techniques, and communication.