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AIRMATIC Introduces Two New MARTIN® Slider Cradles!

AIRMATIC is pleased to announce the introduction of two new conveyor system components: the new EVO® and MARTIN® Slider Cradles, manufactured by MARTIN ENGINEERING. The Slider Cradles are designed to support the belt and prevent spillage due to belt edge sag. Located under the skirtboard in the chute box after the impact cradle, the units utilize “double-life” slider bars which offer a superior seal with low friction, resulting in a flat and stable belt surface throughout the settling zone. This reduces fugitive material and extends the life of your belt!

slider cradles

“Transfer points can be prone to spillage as the conveyed material lands on the receiving conveyor,” stated Daniel Marshall, Product Engineer of the MARTIN USA Business Unit. “Once the belt leaves the impact cradle, it can sag while the material is still settling, compromising the skirt seal, allowing dust and fines to escape, and creating pinch points where material can get caught and gouge the belt. Cradles and impact beds are the foundation of our material handling strategy,” he continued. “Not only are they on the bottom and everything is built on them, but they offer the flat surface to seal against, which is critical in preventing spillage and dust.”

Customers who have chosen to install slider cradles tell us they’ve noticed a considerable reduction in fugitive material around transfer points. They report less spillage and spend less labor time on clean-up around moving conveyor equipment, which helps reduce workplace injuries.

If you’re interested in learning more about slider cradles, take a look at the full product release located below, or send us an email at!

MARTIN Slider Cradles Product Release