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An Airmatic, Inc., Air Cannon Solution For Paper Industry Client

Based in Malvern, Pennsylvania, Airmatic, Inc., serves the machinery wholesale distribution and industrial equipment needs of clients spanning a diversity of markets, from construction to government. In one case study featured on the Airmatic, Inc., website, the firm undertook the installation of an air cannon system for a pulp and paper industry client. Purchased by a New England mill as replacement equipment in 2007, the air cannons were utilized to initiate a wood chip flow for the paper-making process. The upgrade worked efficiently for some time before a leakage of compressed air was found.

An Airmatic application specialist pinpointed the issue as being tied to an incorrect mounting position, causing the cannons to shoot into the bins at an upward angle. This gradually caused materials such as water, dust, and wood chips to enter the air cannon valves and cause damage. The Airmatic specialists made a recommendation that the air cannons be taken out and contaminants removed from valves, which proved effective at improving everyday efficiency.