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KODI KLIP® Demonstration

Recently, AIRMATIC Account Manager Todd Monahan delivered a KODI KLIP® demonstration to an aggregate supply company in Roaring Spring, PA, to illustrate the benefits of using the patented KODI KLIP® system as compared to hand-tying with tie-wire.

IMG_1102All attendees were very impressed with the KODI KLIP® system, and Todd has made plans to visit multiple job sites in the future, which we hope will lead to more KODI KLIP® converts!

KLIP®’s innovation lies in its non-corrosive polycarbonate Klips that capture rebar at all four corners of the cross-section, eliminating worker cuts, abrasions and lost time injury. Additionally, these Klips prevent racking and swaying when lifting and moving rebar mats into place, and produce faster, safer and more consistent connections.

If you’re interested in learning more about KODI KLIP®, give us a call at 800.332.9770, or send an email to!